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Welcome to the next instalment of our designer profile series, where we get to know our lovely designers just a little bit better. Today we're chatting with Carina Ferguson. 

Prior to joining the Citta Design team in 2006, Carina graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and spent some time travelling extensively, exploring the world. We caught up with her for some insight into what she’s inspired by, her job as a textile designer, and a few of her favourite things...

Where/how did you begin your career in design?
I have always been drawn to colour. I remember when I was younger, trawling through shops with my pocket money looking for colourful things for my bedroom. My friends were busy buying magazines or chocolate, and I was buying bedlinen and vases. I remember someone once saying that they wanted to be an interior designer, and I thought "that’s what I want to do!" Although I’m not an interior designer in the literal sense, I do work in the industry & I love it!

I enjoyed high school but it wasn’t until I went to university to start my visual arts degree that I found my place – being surrounded by other creative people was so interesting and exciting! 

After completing my four year visual arts degree I travelled overseas then landed a job at Citta Design upon my return home.

Who or what inspires you?
Pinterest, design blogs & magazines are great, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from getting out into the real world – there is nothing better than an afternoon of people-watching. I also love seeing the interiors of peoples houses – whether online or in the flesh. I know when I have been particularly inspired by something, as I want to pick it up and hold it in my hands.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?
First thing is a cup of tea while clearing & replying to emails. I then work through my to-do list. This could include anything from coming up with new a design, creating spec sheets and sending finished designs or making amendments to samples. I often spend some time online or flicking through magazines looking for inspiration and/or preparing blog posts. There is a lot of time spent discussing our designs with our design team, considering colour combinations, scale and who the design and product is aimed at. We are really working differently to how we used to work a few seasons ago. The collection is designed room by room, and each design is carefully considered before being sent off for sampling. This way we know that we are giving our customers the best collections that we can.

What’s your favourite piece or design from the winter 2015 collection?
This is a hard one. If I go by what I have already purchased then it would have to be the Porte, Charleston & Lilac velvet cushions, but my list of ‘favourites’ is a lot longer than a few cushions… The Radial shelving & floating shelves, the raincoats, the comfy looking slouchy leggings, the Sally tote, Palette duvet and the Deco Deco scarf. And I can’t forget the Porte rug! If I wasn’t going to get told off by my husband I would be bringing one home with me…perhaps I could slip one into the house without him noticing!

What does chic mean to you?
When I think 'chic' I think of the actress Audrey Tautou (girl crush!), black & white with splashes of gold, and the lingering smell of a beautiful perfume. Something sophisticated and classic with a touch of rebellion.

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