Friday, October 31, 2014

{ Downloadable Designs }

Our November download is 'Patchwork', inspired by the small courtyards found throughout Hanoi. The design was pieced together from lots of little patterns Imogen noticed in Amy's photos, cafe tiles and wrought iron work. Delicate, subtle, yet detailed patterns that you have to go up to and look at closely.

Click here to download Patchwork for Desktop | iPad | iPhone 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Several years ago I worked with a photographer who raved about his assistant Roberta Thornely. With an upcoming exhibition straight out of Elam, I thought that it might be worth a look. When I got to Roberta's show I could hardly see the works as the gallery was packed out. When I finally made my way in closer I was really taken by several pieces. My problem became which ones to buy and what was actually left, it was a really stand out show.

Her Goya style use of light on dark reminds me of the great master painters of 'chiaro scuro', yet her simple focus and subject make them really contemporary. Something old and something new. When I hang Roberta's works I seem to fall for their dark beauty, every time.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{ Out & About }

Over the weekend I visited ‘Light Show’ at the Auckland Art Gallery and was absolutely blown away.

Works dating anywhere from the '60s to the present day create an immersive experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the young and old equally. A personal favourite ‘Wedgework V’ from 1974 by James Turrell is absolutely stunning. It’s impossible to capture by photograph and has to be seen and experienced to fully understand the weight of the work.

As well as the aforementioned exhibition Olafur Eliasson has a hands on installation consisting of thousands of white lego bricks also currently on show. New visitors are invited to contribute to the work by construction and re-construction, making it a constantly evolving series of towers limited only by the imagination.

All in all a must-see!


Friday, October 24, 2014

{ This Week in the Office }

It's that time of the year again! Emma has been working alongside our photographer Tony, shooting all of the new product for our winter 2015 catalogue. We can't wait to share the collection properly with you all, but for now it is still top secret...

Thursday, October 23, 2014



I have always had a love of illustration, particularly children's illustration, where you often see some of the most adventurous, imaginative and charming art work. Who hasn't been effected by one or more wonderful books in your childhood that you will always remember? 

It's something I would very much like to do one day: write and illustrate my own children's book. 

This is the first post of a monthly blog about Illustration.

Recently, I discovered this wonderful illustrator, Abner Graboff. Born in 1919 to Russian immigrants, he lived in New Jersey and was at his most prolific in the mid century. 

As was sort of the trend at this time, he often used a minimal colour palette for his illustrations. He seems to have a great sense of humour, and definitely understands children and their free and unconstrained imaginations!

The pictures above are a very small sample of his work.