Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm dreaming of a summer holiday right now: warm sun, salty sea, and blue skies - ahhh...Here are a few things that are inspiring me.

Clockwise from centre top: San Filipe Glass Jug / San Filipe Glass Vases / Flamboyant Cotton Sarong with sequins / Stripe Spa Towel / Canvas Beach Bag / Che Wash Bag / Moroccan Shopper / Owl Necklace / Stripe Cushion Cover / Lopez Cushion Cover / Lena Stripe Cushion Cover / Perez Cushion Cover / Polly Printed T-shirt / Evita Dressing Gown  / Rumba Pyjama Boxer Shorts and Short Sleeved Shirt

Posted by Amy / Citta Design Team

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