Monday, November 28, 2016

{For the Love of It}

Lately I've been obsessed with making macramé wall hangings — more because I love the feeling of doing it, than actually being into macramé itself!

It all started with an evening class I took a few months ago with a friend, where we learned the basics and I got the knotting bug. I then set about making millions of sketches in my work book, and dreaming up ambitious ideas late at night. I knew I wanted to do something different — something bold and way less 'shabby chic' than the usual macramé... I imagined stunning large-scale pieces and wondered how on earth I was meant to figure out how much cord they would take.

Eventually (many knots and Google searches later) I managed to figure out the techniques I like best in this art form and where to get the right materials from. I also realised very quickly that the type of knotting I am using guzzles up the most unbelievable amount of cord, making those epic large-scale pieces of my imaginings rather less do-able — at least for now.

I love the play of materials I've used; how the softness of the cotton cord rests so nicely against the hard gleam of brass, the worn and burnished surface of the metal suggesting previous unknown uses. Given my profession, I think it's interesting that what I've made so far has ended up looking more like a woven textile than what I think of as typical macramé.

What are you doing creatively right now, just for the love of it?

~ Amy

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