Wednesday, October 21, 2015

{ Design Post }

This season traditional Malian mud-cloth (or Bogolanfini) textiles influenced us a lot. Mud-cloth has an important place in traditional Malian culture; the techniques are ancient and the patterns are rich in cultural significance and meaning. 

These textiles are traditionally hand woven and hand printed, resulting in a lovely tactile hand-made quality, and each piece is unique. Because we don't have access to these traditional printing techniques, we had to find another way to achieve a similar look for our designs. We ended up using the ‘discharge’ technique, a process whereby colour is extracted out of the dyed base-cloth to varying degrees with varied results, which – in our desire to achieve a sense of the hand-made – we delighted in!

Check out our beautiful cushions online, clockwise from top left: Mudcloth cushion cover, with traditional patterns; Fini and Hamada cushion covers, with mud-cloth inspired designs.

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