Monday, September 28, 2015

{ Colour of the Week }

We certainly weren’t short of inspiration for the colour palette this season! From the biscuit-y yellow hues of earthenware, to the chalky white and grey clay of the mud brick mosques, we took highlights of the fascinating environment from soft pinkish blues of a sunburned sky, to sandy tones of the desert into our designs.

The striking natural landscape of Mali inspired the style and mood for the collection, while heavily influencing the colour stories and combinations for the season. 

Rich dark tones of cocoa, coffee and soft black were chosen to reflect the traditionally dyed mud cloth textiles and the charred earth itself. 

The traditional processes used in the mud cloth and indigo textile craft soften and blur the colours. The tones we have chosen this season seek to reflect this softness.

The subtle earthy tones of painted walls in the villages inspired colours including ochre, agate, coral and granite.

The vibrant cultural dress of the Malian people influenced the brighter colours in our palette. These shades include the extraordinary Cobalt blue of the nomadic Tuareg people’s iconic robes; vibrant jade; and the saturated tones of rust, saffron and agate.

Warm metallic shades of gold and bronze are included to reflect the renowned decorative traditions of jewellery and beading found in Mali.

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