Wednesday, July 22, 2015


My first trip to the Northern Hemisphere was a couple of months ago now and boy does it feel like a dream! In short, I fell in love with London, my bad French went down a treat in Paris (more like in flames – I need lessons) and I ate all of the delicious things in Italy! Oops. When in Rome, right?

Now I'm having a touch of the post-holiday blues – time to plan the next adventure perhaps!

Sarah x

1. Big Ben's iconic clock face.  2. Spring blooms at St James’ Park.
3. Reunited with the lovely Abby, who left us for Vancouver last year. 
4. The Bridge of Sighs, Venice.  5. A colourful street in the village of Burano.
6. The amazing colours of Capri. 7. St Paul's Cathedral. 8. Inside the Colosseum.

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