Monday, March 23, 2015

{ Work in Progress }

Somewhere in my research last year on 1920s Paris I came across a bunch of images of super elaborate art deco doorways. This sparked an idea to create a highly stylised and simplified take on that inspiration, using only hand painted ink lines. I wanted to reference that distinctively angular art deco look but with a really loose modern geometric feel.

I pretty much just got the ink pot out and started painting and purposely did not think too much about it beforehand! You can see some of the working ideas in the background of the last image above.

I called the final image 'Porte' which means 'doorway' in French, and to my great satisfaction I got to see my spontaneous ink painting applied to several products including a beautiful wool rug, a fine wool shawl, and a slubby cotton cushion cover. You can see it on other products here and here.

~ Amy

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