Monday, October 13, 2014

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I've been in a bit of a Hanoi buzz lately with my posts. I think it must be because our Hanoi-inspired collection is finally in store now, so I am reminded of it every day. Seems like so long ago now that I visited Hanoi, but having the stores finally decked out in our Hanoi collection brings it a little closer. 

This morning I came across these lovely scissors on my friend Lucy Patterson's online shop, sourced from the crazy and colourful streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter. She sends them out wrapped up beautifully in Vietnamese fabric cuttings that you could then re-use for something pretty. I love this story Lucy tells about the fabric:

I have a funny story to tell about these fabrics... I’d made some cushions, purses and iPad cases out of them and was selling them at a large annual craft market here in New Zealand along with my range of craft kits etc, when a Chinese woman came up to me. She thought it was hilarious that I would use the fabrics and told me: “Only white people like these fabrics! We think they’re very old fashioned. Only white people like this! Very old fashioned!” So there you have it! If you like old fashioned things, this is for you… 

I guess that makes me old-fashioned too! 

~ Amy

Image by Lucy Patterson, taken from her website

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