Friday, September 12, 2014

{ Out & About }

Recently I was lucky enough to escape to Rarotonga for a week's holiday with a couple of my girlfriends, their partners and kids, and my friend's mum and dad. It was amazing to get a break from winter (and work, shh!), feel the warm sun on my skin, get in the water and hear the wind rushing in the palm trees overhead. 

We took leisurely walks along quiet roads, kids on our backs or pottering along side, snorkelled in the crystalline water (so much fun!), and generally took it pretty easy.

When I travel one of my favourite things to do is go off on solo walks and take photos of the things that captivate my imagination. The colours and textures, the shapes, the light and shadow… I love how when you're in a new place you tend to take even the smallest details in with an open sense of wonder and delight. 

I think it's really important for creative people to get out and about regularly in some way. These are valuable times of input, in a life where most of what we do is about output. 

Back in rainy Auckland now and all I can say is: roll on summer!

~ Amy

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