Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{ Colour of the Week }

We were discussing chicken and duck eggs in the office this morning... apparently duck eggs are good for baking? Anyway, it got me thinking about the colour of chicken eggs, and how it is almost impossible to buy any colour other than brown at the supermarket. Which then got me thinking about this photo which I had recently seen on the Forest Cantina blog. Chicken eggs do come in colours other than brown! In fact, they come in a range of beautiful colours - white, blue, light pink, brown, light brown, dark brown with speckles and salmon coloured with speckles. I don't think we will ever find these colours on the shelves of the supermarket, but if I ever get my own brood of chickens at home then I am going to make sure I get chickens that lay beautifully coloured eggs.

Carina x

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