Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Any minute now our new summer collection 'A Midsummer Daydream' is due to make its first drop in stores and online! The collection was inspired by the city of Hanoi, which I was lucky to visit myself with my mum, back in October last year (check the post I did when I got back, here).

One thing you can't help but notice in Vietnam (if you're textile-obsessed like me that is!) is the prevalence of indigo dyed fabrics and traditional embroidery and weaving. Which leads me to the purpose of my post today… My dear friend Lucy Patterson has posted a fascinating and beautiful series about the indigo traditions of Vietnam and Rajasthan on her gorgeous Instagram (those are all her photographs above). You can peruse the loveliness in full here

Full of human-scale detail and stories, and fascinating technical info, the series is informative and intriguing. She had me hooked from the introduction:

"Over the coming days I'm going to share a series of photos with you about 
the wonderful world of indigo: the plants, the dye, the textiles, the people… 
Photos I've taken on my travels in Rajasthan and the northern mountains 
of Vietnam. Let's begin in Bagru, Rajasthan where lengths of block-printed/
dabu-resist fabric have been pulled dripping, straight from the indigo vats and 
laid out in the desert sun to dry. I don't know what it is about indigo but, 
like many people, I've fallen completely under its spell…"

~ Amy

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