Thursday, July 3, 2014

{ Snapshot }

I took these photos in my room yesterday morning, in an attempt to capture that special, quiet moment between waking up and joining the rest of the world for the day. I love the softness and sense of silence they convey…

Plus, I always find it really interesting to see what other people have in their rooms. Most of the things on my dresser are either travelling treasures, things I made, or things I was given – like the ceramic swan which came from my Nana, and the tie-dyed fabric in the window which my friend brought back for me from Rajasthan. 

I brought that crazy lamp back from my trip to Hanoi last year and only just got to plug it in again last weekend when I managed to get an adaptor. It has a mechanism inside which makes the watery coloured lights spiral ever outwards from the lotus flower at the centre – super kitsch but in a really gentle way. I love it!


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