Thursday, July 17, 2014

{ Inspired By }

So, you know how you see really cool blogs or stuff on Instagram sometimes and you just get filled with longing to be.that.girl/ A while ago I discovered Ariele Alasko's beautiful blog, and was so captured and inspired by her and her wood working journey of amazingness, that I actually signed up for a wood work night class and made myself a coffee table. It was way more time-consuming than I expected but extremely satisfying I have to say! 

Ariele lives in Brooklyn, New York. She started out making her own furniture and DIY-ing in her apartment, but her hobby soon grew into a full time business and before long she was able to expand into a proper workshop space. I love that she uses reclaimed wood from across America, and everything is made painstakingly by hand. I highly recommend having a read of her blog and learning about all the great stuff she has made and done over the years. Talk about inspirational!


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