Monday, July 7, 2014

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If you're like me and find the permanent nature of tattoos a bit intimidating, it can be really fun to play with temporary ones instead. 

I got to thinking about tattoos after seeing the pretty Rifle Paper Co one in the first pic above. It's amazing how fast things go mainstream nowadays, but when they first come out it's always cool to see something a bit different to the more typical styles of tattoo art.

Love Tattly's graphic designer geek/chic 'Tattone' colour chip one, and the hipsterfied, minimalist 'mum' tattoo. And what about those cute-as camping themed ones? And for those who simply can't decide, I guess you can just go all out and wear them all at once!

Best of all – when you're sick of them you can just rub them off and go back to au natural – ah what a relief!


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