Thursday, July 24, 2014


This month In My Humble Home
Over the last month we have been seriously considering renovating our kitchen. Just the thought of banishing from my life the '90s forest green cabinetry and oven with the wonky-won't-close door gets me all excited inside! The more I think about it the more flippant I feel about the cost of it all, I just want it done! 

As a starting point I've done a little research on beloved Pinterest. I'm not sure if this helps or hinders as there are so many possibilities. White and minimal, natural wood, modern industrial, which tiles, what handles, what lighting, soft-close or not soft-close?!!!! 

I can't promise a new kitchen next month, but it won't be too far away! Watch this space.
Emma x

Photos found on Pinterest (where possible the design/source is linked): 
Top left going clockwise: 1&2. Bloesem Living 3. Academy Tiles 4. Nordic Design

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