Monday, April 7, 2014

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I have loved the idea of building for as long as I care to remember. My father built seven different family homes over his life time and eventually succumbed to the fatigue and stress of a heavy work load and the demands of building and council woes. Despite his rather sad ending he passed on a love of making something. Working with the skills of a team of 'makers' creating a space that made you feel a certain way is some thing I know I want to do before I go too. 

So I find myself ooohing and aahhing over homes that are often in far flung places. It seems I have now collected quite a stash of pictures of some of my favourites. 

Built on a World Heritage site in the Norwegian Island of Vega by architect Erik Kolman Janouch who designed the house together with his colleague Victor Boye Julebäk, it is the epitome of 'cosy'.

I imagine walking around on such a dry, crisp and frosty landscape only to return all rosy cheeked with a clear head and a desire to drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. The luxury of time to sit and read or cosy up with loved-ones all rugged-up in jerseys. Not only does such a place and space help me to unwind, but it inspires me to create, to draw or to paint.

New Zealand has many beautiful landscapes to inspire such a cabin. When I find the right site and enough bravado I will pluck up the courage and build something of my own to oooh and aahh over.

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