Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello! I'm Sarah the new Graphic Designer here at Citta Design. Every month I'll be posting some of my favourite finds in a feature titled 'Currently Loving!'.

I recently stumbled across Laura Manfre's work on Instagram. She is a self taught French Illustrator who creates whimsical watercolour paintings of her favourite things. Maybe I instantly loved her work because it features kittens, cute deer figurines or painted Japanese food that looks exceptionally pretty! If you've ever tried to paint with watercolours, you'll know it can be quite difficult to capture highlights and shadows without making it look overworked (I know I've tried!). I'm loving the combination of her cute and kitsch, often everyday subjects painted in a highly skilful, realistic way.

Check out her website and blog for more.

Sarah x
Cat Tee Mission Illustration

Taiyaki, Mitarashi-dango, Matcha donut, Ichigo daifuku, Peko lollipop & Anmitsu

Geiko & Maiko (section)

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