Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I first came across Glen's work many years ago and remember the occasion well.

I happened to be on Waiheke at the local art gallery with my mum, she was aghast at the site of a flattened cardboard box for several thousand dollars hanging on the wall. I just thought it was really funny... the work and her reaction! When we both read the blurb below the work we realised it was entirely made out of wood, all hand-carved and painted. I was amazed, as for not one second did I think that it was not a real box. My mum was still annoyed that she had been fooled, but appreciated the talent and patience of the artist.

I am part of an art buying group made up of twelve head-strong women. When we choose a work, you need approval from three out of four. I wonder what reaction I might get, when I suggest we buy a wooden phone !?


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