Thursday, March 20, 2014

{ A Winters Tale }

A Winters Tale
Inspired by the city of Copenhagen

Still half asleep, Mia reached over and stroked Bo's whiskery white fur. He snuffled happily as she sat up to check her phone - no new messages. Had Rasmus remembered her birthday?

Arriving at work, the hum of her workmates and the spicy aroma of ginger coffee lifted her spirits. Mia blew out the candles on her pale blue birthday cake feeling warm and happy. Outside the snowstorm was worsening, but her cheeks flushed rosy pink from the warmth inside.

High above the city, a chilly bird glided alongside the plane outside Rasmus's window. Looking down upon the tiny snowy rooftops, he searched in his pocket for his hat and discovered a small pink glove.

Snow was falling heavily in the city. Mia pulled her single pink glove and thrust her other bare hand deep into her pocket. Stepping out into the blustery night, she started her walk home, joining the throng of people in thick coats and heavy boots navigating their way through the snow flurries.

Mia paused at a pet shop window and gazed wistfully at the small fluffy white rabbit inside. She wondered again if Rasmus had remembered her birthday… Shivering, she pushed her hand deeper into her pocket.

Continuing along the picturesque port of Nyhavn, Mia stepped carefully over the shiny cobbles, avoiding the icy patches and puddles where the thick snow has melted. On the canals, the water appeared solid and black where the sea had turned to ice. A glossy black ship bobbed on the water; on the tip of the mast a gull rested, its plumage dishevelled by the swirling wind. Through the dense overlapping clouds the stars glittered, appearing pale pink, gold and palest blue against the inky night sky.

At the airport terminal, Rasmus burst out the doors and ran for the nearest taxi. He has just under an hour before Mia arrived home.

Lost in thought, Mia walked past a group of snow-cloaked trees; down a side street and past a row of pastel coloured houses in soft pink, grey and buttery yellow that looked like they belonged on top of a cake. Pots of daffodils and hyacinths sat optimistically in entranceways; valiantly keeping their heads upright despite their frosty white coats, not ready to surrender to the lingering cold.

His foot touching the snow-covered footpath before the taxi had stopped, Rasmus leapt from the car and ran towards the pet shop. Was there still time?

With his soft furry friend tucked safely under his jumper, Rasmus unlocked his bike and started the last leg home, making a detour past the magical Tivoli Gardens. The ornate horses on the vintage carousel danced under the lights and the masses of twinkling lights made the snow appear like tiny crystals. Overhead a flock of sea birds navigated their way over the city through the wisps of smoke that curled out of the chimneys.

Mia neared the small tree-lined park close to their home; over the tree tips enticing yellow light glowed from the window of their row of houses.

She opened the front door to an enthusiastic greeting from Bo. Removing her scarf and coat she let out a sigh of contentment; surprisingly the house felt warm and cosy. In the living room the fire flickered cheerfully and on the carpet in front of it sat a fluffy white rabbit - he had remembered!

As she hugged the rabbit to her she felt its heartbeat slow and its soft fur warm her cold fingers. She gazed out the window into the snowy night, and felt happy.

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