Monday, July 15, 2013


July In My Humble Home

In my very first Humble Home blog post I am already breaking the rules! The {after} pics above are not from this month at all, in fact they are from more than a year ago and a home I no longer own. However, I thought it would be a nice intro to what my blog posts will be all about.
I'm now on to the renovation of house #2 and I plan to document the progress, whether it be a freshly painted wall, a moodboard of ideas or even a pretty new acquisition finding its place in my home.

Join me on this journey and see my home transform from a {quite frankly} horribly, rundown dive into a lovely, creative and comfortable home {oh the pressure!}.

See you next month with pics of the new house and a few of the improvements thus far!

Emma x

After Photos: Shot by Kelley Eady Loveridge for Your Home & Garden {July 2012 issue}

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