Friday, June 21, 2013



The pop-up store has seen a revival - far from the cheap pop-up stores that used to spring up seasonally selling naff Christmas gifts or dodgy clothing - these new, designer, independent stores sell covetable items for the home and wardrobe.

Mainly opened by the smaller, independent brands as a way of testing the retail environment with a temporary store, we’re now seeing bigger companies taking their products on the road. Kiwi shoe designer Kathryn Wilson’s ‘Shoe Box’ toured New Zealand landmarks and this latest idea from Swedish clothing company Brothers really caught my eye.

The ‘Suitcase Store’ has been beautifully hand-crafted in the shape of a trunk and is designed to house the brand’s new season ‘Travel’ collection. With each part of the box measured to fit each garment perfectly, it reflects the attention to detail the brand put into creating their clothing. This ‘Suitcase Store’ will be set up in major airports and train stations around Sweden.

If only we could fit our new season collections into a perfectly proportioned pop-up house to take our Citta Design products on the road! If we did – where would you want us to visit?

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