Thursday, May 9, 2013

Out & About

Every few months the design team ventures out of the office to get inspired by the world around them, and on occasion to clear their heads.
Last week, the team headed down to Britomart - an ever changing place of architecture, food, and fashion - and then up to K Rd, which is always sure to delight (or shock!).

1. & 2. The architectural wonders of The Pavillions at Britomart.
3. A Gingerella Ginger Ale drink break
4. An amazing Kate Sylvester Foxy Fox jumper
5. & 6.  A great find on K Rd - The White Elephant shop - where these beautiful vintage mugs were found. So inspiring!

1 comment:

  1. Auckland is an amazing place if you know where to look! I wonder whether there will be an Akl range at Citta one day?