Monday, November 19, 2012

Sugared Flowers

With the holiday season and Christmas parties beginning, make your own sugared flowers for edible decorations - this is really easy and they look gorgeous on a cake, table, present, or dessert!
1. Start with a bowl of whisked egg whites*, a bowl of caster sugar, a paintbrush and some edible flowers, such as violets, rose petals or lavender.

2. Brush the egg white carefully onto the front & back of the petals of the flower, making sure to cover every part.

3.Dust, dip, or paint the sugar onto the wet petals.

4. Leave to dry on a cooling rack, then use in any number of creative ways - decorating cakes and cupcakes is our favourite use for them.

Post some photos of your finished flowers on Facebook and tag 'CITTA DESIGN' so we can see the results.

*add a touch of water to the egg whites before whisking.

Photos found here and here.

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