Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creative People Doing Their Thing

One of the best and most inspiring things to me as a creative person is seeing my creative friends doing their thing - whether it's music, dance, graphic design, film or fashion, it's always an awe-inspiring and moving thing to see people you know and love really following their passions and expressing themselves through their creative talents. Here is bit of an excerpt/compilation I made from a feature in the Devonport Craft Market's blog on my friend Lucy Patterson (follow the link for the full interview)...

To get to the links Lucy mentions click here for her blog/website, here for her Etsy shop and here for her original printed fabrics at Spoonflower.

Posted by Amy Tonkin / Citta Design Team

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  1. Hi Amy

    I love interior design and decorating, but the textiles you share here are amazing! congratulations!
    Recently I've found this brand Delightfull and I've fallen in love.
    They're really different from what I've been seeing these days.
    Today they shew another interesting product, have you seen it?

    PS. they recently designed one lamp inspired in Amy Winehouse, AMY like cute!!!