Friday, February 24, 2012

Never Let Me Go

I don't know about you but I am not ready to let go of summer! With the crazy erratic weather we've had so far, I've managed to grab only a few precious days at the beach and I'm hankering for more!

I thought today I'd do a post about our yummy beach towels, a new discovery for me this being my first summer here at Citta Design. They're 100% cotton and so substantial and soft and pretty, with one side smooth velour and the other traditional terry - and they're plenty big enough for lounging on the sand. In my savoured forays to the beach lately I've really enjoyed using my beautiful Isla beach towel (designed by Imogen). Here are some designs from our Viva Cuba! summer 2011-12 collection. To check availability, contact our Citta Design retail stores or stockists... 

Posted by Amy Tonkin / Citta Design team.

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