Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas tree alternatives

If you cant be bothered with a real Christmas tree this year (I always feel sad when they die at the end of the holiday season) how about creating one of these fun alternatives?

1. Print an illustration of a tree, stick it on the wall and decorate with colored paper cut outs.
2. Love Maes fabric decals are fun.
3. All you need is a large packet of Blutac and a collection of random knick knacks. Stick or pin them to the wall and away you go.
4. Make or buy a Pompom garland. String it up in the shape of a tree.
5. Bookcase + books = easy. The prefect excuse not to tidy your bookcase.
6. Paint some drift wood and attach to the wall. This is my favorite. After Christmas, simply re-arrange in a non christmas tree shape for an interesting art display.

Posted by Carina / Citta Design Team

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