Monday, October 17, 2011

You can leave your hat on...

Its not until you start looking that you realize how many different types of hats there are - Fedora, Panama, Cloche, Floppy, Beret, Cap, Boater, the list goes on...
Ive been doing a bit of online searching & my favorite finds are above. Whether you go bright & cheerful or lean towards the neutrals, you can't go wrong. 
I have a funny feeling that my hat collection may double in size this summer :)

Posted by Carina / Citta Design team


  1. Lovely post about hats...just wondering if Citta Design will be doing any hats other than the shady sunhat?

  2. Yes, we are hoping too for our summer 2012/13 a wee while away still. We will keep you posted :)