Friday, August 26, 2011

Sneak Peek...!

Here is a little preview of some of our new summer products from our VIVA CUBA! 2011/2012 collection...
If you love colour, then this is a range for you!  But don't you neutral people worry - we have a lovely array of summery blues, soft pastels and natural textures and colours.

The VIVA CUBA! collection is available in store and for viewing on our website from mid September.

1. Olo The Boa toy cushion / draught stopper, 2. Brass Estampado round tray, 3. Floridita cushion cover, 4. Sparrow necklace, 5. Red Imprenta salad bowl, 6. Hemingway cushion cover, 7. Domino cushion, 8. Manuel the Monkey toy,9. Cristobel cushion cover, 10. Manyana breakfast plate, 11. Arco woven cushion cover, 12.  Manyana Shell breakfast plate, 13. Yellow Imprenta salad bowl, 14. Owl necklace, 15. Lopez cushion cover, 16. Yellow Lena striped cushion cover.

posted by Imogen / citta design team

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