Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Citta Design Men Contribute #2

Citta Design is housed in a 3000m” building in Mt Eden.
There are 9 different sections to the ground floor building.
Approximately 30 females inhabit the dwelling.
By 9am, they would have all said ‘hello’ to each other.
By 10am, they would have all had pre morning tea.
By 11am, they would have been through all 9 sections of the building.
By 1pm, they will all hold meetings.
By 3pm, their day is over.

Only 5 males work at the above building.
All are separated from each other by either a wall or a glass door.
By 5pm, only 3 would have had the chance to say ‘hello’ to each other.
By 5 pm, only 2 of the 5 would have walked into at least 4 sections of the building.
By 5pm, Morning break and lunch is now optional.

All particulars about male employees at
Citta Design are the sole opinions of our Financial Controller Denzil Grant and nobody else.

Contributed by Taufa

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