Monday, February 14, 2011

Behind the Scenes Winter 2011 New York Stories Photoshoot

Our winter 2011 photoshoot took place over one warm, wet week, setting the scene perfectly for a winter season.
The aim was to create a series of window displays and a sneek peek into a New York style apartment.

Paint can, brushes & paint tubes help show off the SoHo ceramic range:

The tea towel display with pavlova, meringues, strawberries & cherries made for a tasty mid-morning treat:

Our lovely stylist Anna makes a few adjustments:

So glamorous!
We spent hours making the bauble chandelier at work. During transportation to the photoshoot it became a tangled mess. Luckily for us it still looked pretty, and added a touch of  'bling' to our photo:

A stack of cushions carefully held in a mannequins arms. The corrugated iron wall in the apartment was the perfect backdrop for a slightly grungy look for our 'Cultural & Stylistic Diversity' display:

Anna gets in between the camera to adjust, adjust & adjust again!:

Bedroom set up one:

Shot list & inspiration pictures:

No matter how organised we are the apartments and houses we hire always become a bomb site, as this photo clearly shows. Every spare inch of space is used:

Teresa orders lunch - authentic New York Pizza delivered on a segway!

Bedroom set up two. Before:

And after:

Kevin, our friendly photographer:

The nosy neighbourhood cat. We tried to get him into a few shots, but he wouldn't stay put:

Setting up for the kitchen shot:

Our model on set:

The living room prior to set up:

During set up:

And after. We had to clear the entire space then position all of our product to create a realistic living room :

Delicious cupcake props from the Little Cake Kitchen. They served us well for afternoon tea :

The beginning stages of our paper napkin set up. We have quite a large napkin range and wanted to display the entire range in a fun way. We folded the napkins into triangles and created flowers with cupcake centers:

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